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Shifting the paradigm in dealing with addiction.

Welcome to the cyber home of Realdrugtalk, where we want to see a world free of unnecessary suffering. We are trying to innovate the addiction treatment space and open up access to quality services, information and support to those impacted by drugs alcohol and addiction.

About Jack.

Just wanted to briefly introduce myself as the Founder of Realdrugtalk. I’m a recovering addict and leading addiction treatment professional, and am extremely passionate helping those from similar backgrounds and struggles as I know how it can be. You can read more about me using the link below.

We have a range of services and programs to help, and we encourage you to reach out and get in touch, because if we can’t help with our services we will try and use our networks to find someone that can.

Sometimes just chatting to someone that you know has been in a similar situation can make all the difference! I hope we can help in some way.

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Jack will come to you for personalised support and presentations. | Ph: 0403 242 436