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Shifting the paradigm in dealing with addiction.

Welcome to the cyber home of Realdrugtalk, where we want to see a world free of unnecessary suffering. We are trying to innovate the addiction treatment space and open up access to quality services, information and support to those impacted by drugs alcohol and addiction.

Realdrugtalk has developed the Jekyll & Hyde Online Addiction Treatment Program to make rehabilitation available to everyone that seeks help. It’s a myth that individuals have to attended rehab for 28-90 days in isolation; this old school approach is actually often counter productive. The program is an in-depth six week biopsychosocial rehab program designed to help you change your life from the comfort of your own home (click the button below to find out more).

We encourage you to check out the whole Realdrugtalk website and social media channels as we offer a range of different services and resources to help educate and support those in need. Please contact us at any stage as we hope we can help in some way, and if we can’t we will definitely try to connect you with someone who can.


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