5 Ways To Recognise Warning Signs Of Addiction


Through my personal recovery from addiction, I have unfortunately been confronted with several of my closest friends dying as a result of drugs and alcohol misuse.

Witnessing the devastating impacts that addiction has on the family of the loved one, including death, is hands down the hardest situation to witness, both personally and professionally working in the addiction treatment space.

These events always make my own second chance at life more pronounced, leaving me feeling incredibly grateful that people didn’t give up on me and loved ones intervened, essentially changing the course of my life forever.

Seeing the incomprehensible pain on my friends’ families faces, still wondering what went wrong two years after his passing, has recently encouraged me to try and reach people on a wider scale and support families in identifying when addiction may be manifesting.

Here are five simple ways to know if addiction may be manifesting in a loved one. Remember that speaking up could change the course of someones life forever.

1. Change in personality

2. An inability to just have one! (once they have one they can’t stop)

3. Noticeable effects in performance of day-to-day responsibilities (e.g. work, studies, relationships, etc..)

4. Isolation; physically and emotionally

5. If you think there is a problem, 95% of the time there is!

If you relate any of these symptoms to a loved one in your life, I would recommend a phone call to a professional. We can all start being part of the solution rather than the problem.

Jack Nagle