After playing basketball at a high level with names such as Andrew Gaze, and being an incredibly fit and healthy young man with a happy-go-lucky attitude, addiction took over Jack’s life. His personality, attitude and outlook were completely altered.

Over many years Jack used daily, cocktailing intravenous ice use with an array of prescription medication, marijuana and alcohol. This lead Jack to psychosis, suicide attempts, overdoses, homelessness, abuse, crime, broken relationships, malnutrition, family destruction and bitter regret. After having his life flash before his eyes whilst looking in the mirror, Jack checked in for treatment at 196cm (6’5ft) weighing only 64kg. He had attempted suicide only two weeks earlier and was suffering from the lingering effects of pychosis. Substances and addiction ripped away possession of Jack’s health, integrity and spirit from underneath him, robbing his parents of a son and his brother of a role model.

From these experiences, Jack is extremely passionate about using the destruction of his past as his greatest asset to give the hope of freedom to people suffering with addiction, and educating the community with the sometimes confronting and shattering reality of addiction. Working at the coal face of addiction treatment with various leading addiction treatment centres in Australia, appearing on national television, regularly commenting in broadcast media and print, working with goverment and being in and around addiction for over a decade, he has positively impacted thousands of lives. Jack has an abundance of knowledge both personally and professionally about substances, addiction and how to turn a chaotic nightmare into a fullfilling dream.

  • Member of the Australian Prime Ministers Advisory Council on Drugs and Alcohol (ANACAD)
  • Over 15 years experience in & around addic on & addic on treatment.
  • In recovery from ice addic on for over 7 years.
  • Expert & industry leader on drugs and alcohol.
  • Former Treatment Centre owner, counsellor, coach & mentor.
  • Media Commentator
  • Expert speaker on drugs & alcohol, transforma on & wellness.
  • Consultant on everything drugs & alcohol.

About Real Drug Talk

Addiction has massive effects on the community and individuals around the world, whether that be a direct or indirect impact. All the latest research and studies show that addiction is the biggest health crisis facing the modern world.

Realdrugtalk was founded in 2014 by recovering addict and addiction treatment professional, Jack Nagle. Fear and shame kept Jack from speaking out about his addiction and asking for help for a long time before he actually put his hand out and made the critical first step.

Since 2014, Jack has had the opportunity to share his story through various media outlets, both nationally and locally as well as working at the coal face of addiction treatment for the last four years. The impact and response from this coverage amazed and astounded Jack, with people coming forward and asking for help that would never have done so before.

Realdrugtalk’s foundations are born out of the many misconceptions circulating the nature of addiction and an addicts ability to recover. The ambition is to change the perceptions around addiction so that the stigma can be reduced and eliminated, allowing individuals affected by addiction to gain hope and help without fear of judgement and consequence.

Realdrugtalk wants to impact as many people as possible, achieving this through mass media and effective treatment, having interesting conversations, and providing hope by helping wherever possible.