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Drug Addiction Program Packages


The Jekyll & Hyde Online Addiction Treatment Program is an intensive six week online biopsychosocial rehabilitation program that consists of a vast collection of educational and inspirational video presentations, in-depth resource manuals accompanied by interactive exercises, intensive online coaching and counselling, as well as social support through our exclusive community.

Included in the program

  • 6-week video content program. Consisting of a vast collection of educational and inspirational video presentations.
  • Cutting edge research and resources. Nicole Lee provides the latest in addiction treatment research.
  • Resource manuals. The resource manuals contain reading material based around topics you cover in the video content as well as being accompanied by interactive exercises to get you thinking and changing your life circumstances.
  • In-depth assessment of your needs. If you enroll in the online counselling, you will undergo an in-depth assessment to understand your specific treatment needs.
  • Online coaching & counselling. Personalized treatment plans, addiction counselling and coaching, as well as care and support.
    Physical health and fitness plans. Trent will take you through various physical health strategies and fitness plans.
  • Exclusive access to FB support group. As part of the program you will be given access to the exclusive online community.
  • Inspirational recovery stories. Watch a range of inspirational recovery stories throughout the program to gain insight along the way.



  • Member of the Australian Government Advisory Council on Drugs and Alcohol (ANACAD)
  • Over 15 years’ experience in & around addiction & addiction treatment.
  • In recovery from ice addiction for over 7 years.
  • Expert & industry leader on drugs and alcohol.
  • Former Treatment Centre owner, counsellor, coach & mentor.
  • Media Commentator
  • Expert keynote speaker on drugs & alcohol, transformation & wellness.
  • Consultant on everything drugs & alcohol.

Dr Nicole Lee

  • Adjunct Professor
  • PhD GradCert Bsc(Hons) Phycology
  • Director of 360Edge Drug & Alcohol Policy consultancy
  • Member of the Australian Government Advisory Council on Drugs and Alcohol (ANACAD)
  • Author
  • Keynote Speaker

Trent Pirihi

  • Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science, Deakin University
  • Diploma of Health Science, Melbourne Institute of Business and Technology
  • Certificate III & IV of Fitness
  • Postural Respiration Institute
  • Be Activated

“What can I say other than a great young man, stand up fella who has confronted his own demons and come out on top. His passion for helping others is next level and I’m proud to call him a good mate. The Jackaranda bush who has stuck to his guns from the beginning in the search for a better life.”

– Ben, Melbourne Australia

“A wonderful charismatic man. From Jack’s own experiential expertise flows a no nonsense bedrock of good advice and insight into the world of the addict.”

– Barbara Successful Treatment Center Owner

“MY journey to recovery began. I was never gunna be a case of this is how you do it now go do it, lol. I guess I had to find my METHod in the madness (pardon the pun lol) and knowing I had real drug talk there for support gave me the confidence that I needed to start my climb outta hell.”

– Emily Taylor