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The Jekyll & Hyde Online Addiction Treatment Program has been developed to open up the availability of quality help, support and education to those suffering with alcohol, drug and addiction issues.

Accessing rehab worldwide proves challenging as the availability of public/government-funded beds are scarce and private rehab programs always cost tens of thousands of dollars to access.

Yes, some people need an inpatient rehab program, but the truth is that most don’t and given the right tools and support, Individuals can achieve major change and recovery without traditional rehab.

This program has been created with leading experts in the addiction treatment field and delivers everything that makes up a quality rehabilitation program.

How It Works ?

The Jekyll & Hyde Online Addiction Treatment Program is an intensive six week online biopsychosocial rehabilitation program that consists of a vast collection of educational and inspirational video presentations, in-depth resource manuals accompanied by interactive exercises, intensive online coaching and counselling, as well as social support through our exclusive community.

The online program combines the mixture of leading addiction treatment knowledge, evidence-based research and personal recovery experience from Jack Nagle, Nicole Lee and Trent Pirihi, delivering everything you need in a quality addiction recovery program.

What the program covers ?

The Jekyll & Hyde Online Addiction Treatment Program runs over six weeks and is broken down into three modules. Each module will go over a two-week period and contain a range of different knowledge points.


  • Dealing with cravings
  • Developing and fostering a recovery mindset
  • Understanding addiction, medical aspects and Ideological addiction models of care
  • The nature of addiction
  • How to stay off drugs and alcohol
  • Strong recovery foundations
  • Dealing with Denial
  • Physical health basics


  • Understanding the 85% of the addiction problem
  • Understand your own story
  • Connecting with self and others
  • Mental health
  • Relationships
  • Self–esteem
  • Cleaning up the past
  • Finding purpose and meaning
  • Physical fitness planning


  • Understanding the stages of relapse
  • Building positive foundations
  • Relapse prevention
  • Developing an effective relapse prevention plan
  • Strategies for maintaining and obtain long term physical health 

We have tried to price this in-depth online course at a price that is affordable for everyone, so every single individual that is seeking help can finally gain access to a better life.

You gain lifetime access to this course and you really have to ask yourself what you have to lose by doing this program. We have found that a better life doesn’t come to those who need it, it comes to those who reach out and take it. So take back control of your life today!

Key Features

6-week video content program
Cutting edge research and resources
Resource manuals
In-depth assessment of your needs
12 Online coaching & counselling sessions
Physical health and fitness plans
Exclusive access to FB support group
Inspirational recovery stories
Access to all future online live events

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