Warrens Introduction

I’ve been invited to share my experience, ideas and opinions on all things addiction, treatment and recovery related through regular written contributions to real drug talk. I feel honoured and extremely privileged to be given a voice in an area that I’m so very passionate about.

I lived an addicts life for 25 years. I know denial, guilt, shame, blame, self pity, justification, arrogance, selfishness, dishonesty, self loathing, manipulation, desperation, despair, isolation, suicidal ideology and hopelessness, intimately. I’ve lost partners and friends to overdose and suicide. I know what it’s like to lose everything.

I also know unconditional love, hope, honesty, courage, selflessness, trust, connection, vulnerability, humility…what it’s like to get help, get clean and to be given a second chance at life.

I know that there’s no detox bed available in the intensely desperate and usually short lived desire to attain one. I’ve experienced the resignation and daily grind that comes with long term methadone, buprenorphine and suboxone use. I’ve done plenty of Dr shopping, I know meth psychosis and paranoia.

I have experienced Victorias prison system full to overflow with untreated addicts. I know most are released only to return because of actions driven by their addiction..and again they remain largely untreated.

I know what it’s like to wake from an overdose to see paramedics leaning over me. I know what it’s like to use safe injecting rooms. I know what it takes to obtain clean syringes.

I know that there’s no one size fits all answer to the addiction problem that riddles our society. I know some of us think we’re immune. That addiction doesn’t, can’t and won’t affect us. I know that’s not true. That the problem is all of ours, everyone of us. I know that we can make a difference if we work together.

The things I don’t know far outweigh the things I do know….and the things I know I’m up for revisiting as well. I hope to instigate positive discussion, encourage action and inspire change. I’ll be back with more..

I want to introduce myself.

I’m an addict in recovery. I’m not using drugs anymore, My name is Warren.